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WHAT IS IT?- In early 2014 Triathlon Scotland approached me to develop, coach and run a performance squad to develop Triathlon Talent in the Edinburgh region. The squad offers athletes a professionalised environment as close as possible to that of elite triathletes, designed to develop the skills and standard needed to progress in the sport.

The squad will offer it’s athletes the following:

  • Coaching across 7 sessions per week (Swim, Bike, Run, Brick and S&C).
  • The option of a fully planned and structured coaching programme.
  • Sponsorship (See Below for more): Hartree Estate, Be Personnel, JDGroup ltd (Financial) Aropec Sport (Kit), AMSport (Supplements), Nuffield Health (Gym), Bike Craft (Cycle Maintenance) .
  • Education sessions (guest speakers on a range of relevant topics).
  • Nutrition advice, education and planning (see here for more).
  • Regular 1-2-1s with each athlete throughout season..
  • Squad training camp(s).
  • HR Training zones, established and used in training when appropriate.
  • Weekly fatigue monitoring (to ensure quality training and limit risk of fatigue).
  • Video analysis of technical aspects of each discipline.
  • Regular social events.
  • We also hope to offer a free movement analysis physiotherapy session in 2015

WHY - Currently, there is a gap between the club system and the squads run directly by triathlon Scotland. This break in what it often called the ‘Performance Pathway’ needs to be fixed to better allow younger athletes with ambitions to compete at ‘Elite’ level to progress to Tri Scot squads and for top level age-groupers to continue to improve in a supported, professional environment.

The Development of the squad has been fully supported by representatives of Edinburgh Triathletes, Edinburgh Road Club, #3, Edinburgh University Triathlon club and Edinburgh Leisure in a meeting held in April 2014 and we want to continue to work with these clubs to support triathletes throughout the Edinburgh region.

PHYLOSOPHY - We have a clear idea of how we want the squad to work and feel to it’s members:

  • Professional – Becoming ‘elite’ in what we do and how we do it.
  • Questioning – Finding the best ways to improve, not setting into a grove.
  • Commitment to long term development.
  • Educational – Nurturing athletes so that ultimately they won’t need us anymore.
  • Athlete Centred - Giving each member all they need to perform.
  • Individualised – Recognising the need for a specific approach for each athlete.


Andrew Christy*

5x ITU European Cup (Elite)

3rd Overall 2013 British Elite Super series (Televised)

2nd 2013 Blenheim Triathlon (Televised as part of British Elite Super Series)

Eliza Cottington (U20) –

3x ITU junior European Cup (Elite)

2013/2014 British Elite Super Series (Televised)

Keira Murray(25-29) -

2012 ETU European Age-Group Champion (Olympic); 2012 Scottish Triathlon Champion (as Duathlon)

2014 Scottish Triathlon Champion (Sprint)

2nd 2013 ETU European Age-Group Championships (Olympic)

7th 2014 ETU European Age-Group Championships, 3rd Scottish Triathlon Championships (Olympic)

Scott Thompson (30-34) –

38th 2014 ITU World Duathlon Championships

2012 IronMan Frankfurt finisher

Other Results: (2014) 7th Stockton 2014. (2012) 5th Aberfeldy Tri, 6th 2012 St Andrews Tri

Martin Gore (30-34) –

9th 2013 ETU European Championships (Olympic).

6th 2014 Scottish Triathlon championships, 2nd senior Gala tri, 3rd senior Lochore, 7th 30-34 British middle distance champs

3rd 2012 Scottish Triathlon Championships (sprint)

Other Results: (2013) 2nd East fife Tri, 1st Ardgarten Triathlon. (2012) 10th Scottish Duathlon Champs, 2nd Stirling Tri, 4th Gullane Tri, 17th Scottish Champs (as Duathlon)

Alice Jenkins(20-24) -

5th National Triathlon Championships (Sprint) (31st overall),

9th British University Champs 2014 (Olympic)

Dan McFeely(20-24) -

30th 2013 ITU World Age-Group Championships

6th 2013 Liverpool British Champs (U20)

Craig Goldie (40-44)

20th 2013 ETU European Championships (olympic 40-44)

4th 2014 (2nd vet) BSLT Triathlon series including: 4th (1st vet) Hawick (sprint), 4th Eyemouth (sprint)
Other results: 82nd 2011 Windsor (olympic), 9th (2nd vet) 2014 Castles Challenge Triathlon (sprint), 8th 2014 Haddington (sprint)

Joe Tomaney (30-34)

17th2014 ETU European Age-Group Championships

Frank Tooley(55-59) –

9th 2013 Outlaw Iron-distance Triathlon

2014 Celtman Iron-Distance Triathlon finisher

Gill Hislop (35-39)


1st Senior Female Overall in 2014 BSLT Triathlon Overall Series.


1st Female 2014 Hawick Triathlon (Sprint)


In 2013 Borders Series- 3rd Overall Female in the Overall Series.


1st Senior Female in the Sprint (South) category of the 2013 Triathlon Scotland Legends Ranking Series.


Mark Horne (25-29) –

17th ITU 2014 Aquathlon World Age-Group Championships

Fastest British Athlete at 2013 Vikingarannet 50mile Ski race

Gerry Cameron(50-54) -

2nd 2013 West Lothian Leisure Triathlon

33rd 2013 British Sprint Distance Championships

Andrew Hepburn (U20 – National standard swimmer, new to Triathlon) –

Swim PBs: 1500m – 17:30, 400m – 4:19, 200m – 2:06

5k Run PB – 18:25

*Andrew is an affiliate athlete with the squad. As well as training with the group around his other commitments he will help mentor and guide squad athletes. His experience and knowledge will be a great bonus for the squad.

We really want to hear from anyone who is interested or want’s to know more. We’ll be organising training days through the next couple for interested athletes and once running, we’d be happy to have people along to a few free sessions to see if our performance squad is right for you.

Joel Enoch Performance Triathlon Squad Leaflet – May 2014 Final

Squad Sponsors -

It would not be possible for the squad to exist without the valued support of our commercial partners. Thank you!

Hartree Estates: Historic Boutique Wedding Venue in the Scottish Borders (Title Sponsor/Financial Partner)


Be Personnel: Leading Scottish recruitment firm (Financial Partner)


JD Group Ltd: Leading business services company (Financial Partner)


Aropec Sports: Some of the best value Triathlon kit on the market


      AMSport: Elite performance nutrition supplements

      Nuffield Health Edinburgh: Discover an innovative approach to Gyms at the Edinburgh Fitness and Wellbeing Centre. The Team of clinically trained Health and Fitness experts are on hand to support you every step of the way.

Bike Craft Edinburgh: A superb independent bike shop catering for all our cycle needs