Losing my faith…

Yesterday I saw the trailer for Director Ang Lee’s soon to be released epic film Life of Pi, an adaption of the bestselling book by the same name by Yann Martel. The trailer contains a quote along the lines of ‘Everyone has to decide what they believe’ and, I understand that much of the film challenges us to do just that.

Until I was shown to be wrong, I 100% absolutely and without question believed in Lance Armstrong, In fact, as some of you will have read, about 6 months ago I wrote a defence of Lance on my Facebook site, even now it seems well reasoned and makes a good case for his innocence.

I feel a bit angry that this man’s cheating has damaged sport so badly, but I also feel some injustice that his actions cast doubt on many other athletes, other great sporting achievements, sport in general (something that I love very much) and even whether – in life in general – I believe in the right things, for the right reasons.

This blog could have become a long epistle all about ‘why we believe what we believe’, but as I don’t have either the knowledge or the time to do this question justice, I’ll simply say this.

I will not let Mr Armstrong’s dishonestly stop me from having hero’s and believing in sport as largely good and honest. Someone has to be the best and when this is achieved honestly, this should be celebrated wholeheartedly so that in doing so, other people are encouraged to pursue their own goals – whatever they may be.

It does, however, remind me that ignoring the available evidence is a danger. For example, contrary to popular belief, it is my opinion that it is not science or our brilliant modern, enlightened minds that poses a threat religion; rather it is the apathetic nature of westernised society. We all need to sift through the evidence (especially for the significant things that we believe) more thoroughly than we generally do, making sure we engage fully with both sides of the debate, rather than just the one that backs up our point of view.